How we use your personal information
The Society maintains membership records, where information is available, as follows.

- Members’ contact details
             - Name
             - Postal address
             - E-mail address
             - Telephone numbers
- Other membership records
             - Joining/leaving dates
             - Subscription amounts paid and payment dates (for the treasurer’s use)*
             - Offices held/achievements, with dates (e.g. “Current Chairman” or “Treasurer from 1995 to 2013”)

*Note that where members apply to pay subscriptions by Bankers’ Order, the “Bankers’ Order Forms” are received as paper copy. The amount payable and payment dates therein are checked, then they are forwarded direct to the bank by the treasurer, or returned to the member for correction. Where members pay by cheque, the amount payable, date and presence of a signature is checked. The actual bank information is of no interest to us and is not recorded in any way.

The records are required for the following two purposes only.
             - Administration and promotion of the Society.
             - Facilitating communications between members to enhance the enjoyment of membership.
No other records are held. The information is not used for any other purpose, nor is it made available to any other person or organisation. It may be held in electronic form on the Membership Secretary’s PC, plus backup. Reasonable domestic precautions are taken to prevent un-authorised access, including use of quality up-to-date, fully supported security and office software. The paper membership application forms, minus the Bankers Order section, are retained in file as a hedge against data entry errors.

Dated “Hard Copy” information is occasionally made available in the form of reports to a limited number of members as needed to further the Society’s objectives. It is generally not appropriate to circulate electronic copies of contact details due to the constantly changing content and consequent risk of error.

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