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Weymouth Civic Society

Home Information Planning Awards Tudor H0 Contacts Members Newsletter


Planning & Environmental Committee - News Updates

The Committee publishes regular Planning News updates on the Planning pages of this website. Click the HERE to go there.

Membership News by post and e-mail

The Membership Secretary publishes news reviews in three newsletters per year for circulation to Members by post or as Email attachments.

For more information, and for membership enquiries, please contact the Membership Secretary at

WCS Facebook Page

The Board also publishes some WCS news on their Facebook Page, where you may also post your own contributions. See the recent feed on the Information page of this site.

Planning and Environment

This  committee reviews  local planning applications on behalf of members, collects the views of a selection of members, and submits representative comments to local Planning Authorities.

It meets on the second Friday of each month.

Chairman    - Pauline Crump
Secretary     - Brenda Pickett
Other Members
Pru Bollam, Mary Bennett, Ronald Martin, Gerald Mabb, Pauline Carter, Keith Holdaway.


The WCS Board (Trustees)

This  is the main WCS management committee. It oversees the activities of the three main operating committees and works closely with the Nothe Fort professional management team on all aspects of Fort development and financial management.

President                                    - Pru Bollam
Chairman                                   - Keith Holdaway
Secretary                                    -
Treasurer                                   -
Tudor House Representative  - Laura Hardy
Membership Secretary            - Ron Martin
Director                                    - Keith Holdaway

General contact e-mail         

The names of all members of the Board are listed on the WCS page of the Charity Commission website (click HERE).


The Civic Society is organised into a series of Committees working under the supervision of a Board of Directors, who are also Trustees of the charity. The main committees are described below.

Tudor House Sub-committee

This committee is responsible for  Tudor House operations, including development, planning, and day to day management. They recruit and organise the teams of volunteers who staff and maintain the house and its collection.

Coordinator                   - Laura Hardy

General contact e-mail

Nothe Fort Sub-Committee

Management at the Fort is evolving. More information may be found from time to time in the Membership Secretary’s Newsletter.

There’s lots more information about the Fort and the work of this committee on the  Nothe Fort Website


We currently have around 130 members, all of whom take an interest in the Civic affairs of our district, by supporting the activities of our various committees (above), participating in meetings and attending civic events.

Many members (and non-members) further enhance their enjoyment of our amazing civic environment by participation as volunteers at The Nothe Fort Museum and The Tudor House Museum.

As one of the  most important and interesting features of our local  built environment, the Fort Museum presents members with the opportunity to get to know and work alongside other like minded enthusiasts.


Many volunteering opportunities are listed on the Nothe Fort website. (Click HERE to go to the Fort Volunteer page).


Vacancies for volunteers are sometimes available at Tudor House - please get in touch if you are interested in finding out more at

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Civic Society - Articles of Association
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