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Supporting wildlife and improving landscapes

Protecting and enhancing habitats so species thrive

We share our area with a stunning array of land and ocean wildlife and have a duty to protect and enhance habitats so that species can thrive. A relatively new workstream for WCS, our goal is advancing the interests of wildlife, rather than humans, whom we support in our lifestyle work. We are currently looking to recruit a voluntary trustee who can take this work forward. That person will benefit from the door-opening reputation that WCS has established, as well as the resilient finances, infrastructure and processes we have created over the many years since we were founded.

What we do for our area

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We support the arts and culture, delivering events and exhibitions, as well as supporting other local arts groups to deliver their projects.


We engage residents and visitors with our history, while helping conserve features of historic interest, including running to popular heritage visitor attractions.


We encourage the availability of lifestyle facilities and initiatives that support the physical and mental wellbeing of residents within a vibrant community.


We support initiatives that protect and enhance the natural environment to the benefit of non-human species and landscapes.


We encourage quality in town planning, public realm and private architecture, celebrating success, campaigning for excellence and providing expert commentary.


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