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WCS has a long history of scrutinising planning applications and our recommendations are valued because they are based on our long experience in dealing with these.  We aim to balance the needs of progress with the delivery of high quality developments.  Our Planning Committee is responsible for most of our work in this specialisation. However, where it judges that a development is strategic to the future of our area, the matter is referred to the WCS board for consideration.  Several such current issues are summarised below.  

Weymouth Neighbourhood Plan

WCS has reviewed the draft plan and submitted comments to its authors. While there is much to like in the plan, the Society has strong reservations about a number of the proposals made. Also, at 221 pages, we feel its accessibility needs to be improved before being put to a referendum. The full draft plan can be read on the Weymouth Town Council website:

Portland waste incinerator

WCS's board has unanimously agreed to oppose this development. With multiple settlements nearby and poor land-based transport connectivity, Portland Port is the wrong site. WCS is supporting local campaign groups to secure planning refusal. Further details can be found on the Portland Association website:

Large battery farm adjacent to Chickerell

Proposed as the largest grid battery farm in Europe, the site is immediately adjacent to the Chickerell and its 8,000 inhabitants. Multiple large fires at such battery farms have occurred. Such fires are almost impossible to extinguish, generate highly toxic airborne chemical fumes and leach further toxic chemicals into the land. On this basis, we are campaigning for refusal of planning permission.

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